When is the tournament this year?
The tournament runs from October 21nd to 22rd.
Where is the tournament being held?
The tournament is being held at the Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles, 5505 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036.
I'm coming to the tournament from out of town. Can you recommend a good hotel that's near the tournament location?
The Park Plaza Lodge at 6001 W 3rd Street. They can be reached at (323) 931-1501.
How much does it cost to enter the tournament?
$20 if you pre-register, or $25 at the door. Everyone gets $20 refunded at the end of the tournament, if they play all 5 of their matches.
Can I pre-register for the tournament?
Yes, we encourage pre-registration. In fact, pre-registering only costs $20 and includes a food truck lunch on both days. And you get your full $20 refunded at the end of the tournament, if you play all of your matches.
When do I need to register by in order to get the benefits of pre-registration?
Pre-registration will close on Tuesday, October 20 at 11:59pm. If you have not registered before this date, you will not gain the benefits of pre-registration. On site registration will still be available on the morning of the event.
I pre-registered. Do I need to be at registration Saturday morning, or can I just show up for the first round?
You still need to come to registration on Saturday morning. If you don’t check in with the Tournament Director during registration on Saturday morning, you won’t be paired for the first round.
Can I register at the door?
Of course. Day of registration costs $25, and does NOT come with lunch on either day. Lunch tickets will be available for purchase. In addition, you will only be refunded $20 at the end of the tournament, if you play all of your matches.
Someone told me that I get my money back at the end of the tournament. Is that true?
Yes. Everyone who pre-registers and plays all 5 of their matches will receive a full $20 cash refund at the end of the tournament. Everyone who registers at the door and plays all 5 of their matches will receive $20 of their $25 registration fee back at the end of the tournament.
Do I need to pay at the time that I pre-register for the tournament?
No, you can pay by cash at the door.
Are there really masseuses who give massages to players during their games?
Yes. But only if you want them to. There will be stickers to put on your back telling the masseuses whether or not you want a massage.
Who will Yilun Yang 7p be playing in Sunday morning’s pro demo match?
Mr. Yang's opponent will be announced soon!.
Can I request the rank I want to play at, or am I required to play at my AGA rating?
You will be automatically entered for the tournament at your AGA rating. If you would like to play at a different rank, please contact the Tournament Director, Jon Boley, before the tournament date.
What is the cut-off for the Open Section? Can I request to play in the Open Section?
The cut-off for the Open Section will not be determined until the morning of the tournament. The Tournament Director will make the decision about the cut-off based on the number and strength of players who register. You cannot request to be in the Open Section.